Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Year in Review

Well time flies. A quick review of 2010 followed by hopefully more current updates.

After the first beach trip, there was a second one with a different side of the family.

Not surprising, Liam had a great time. We went to a "drive-thru" animal park, where Liam was more scared than excited.

He was not impressed by this:

and definitely did not like when this happened:

but he did like this:

He spent lots of time in the pool:

And on the playground:

Made new friends:

Took a tumble:

Went for walks with dad to look at the boats:

Hung out with Poppop, Joe cool style:

Hung out with his cousins:

And went on the ferry boat:

During the rest of the summer at home, we entertained ourselves by hanging out with our friends:

Before we knew it, it was fall and time for pumpkins. Liam picked out his:

And posed (slightly unwillingly) with the scarecrow:

Finally, we got to go Trick or Treating and eat the candy!

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