Sunday, November 29, 2009


Some days you just need to put on a hat or two and smile

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Family fun time at cosi where Liam loved the "water park" and next time we will bring extra clothes!

Trying out new rides

Get out of the way!

Lets try walking

Liam was impressed by the floating balls

And yes, he did grab one right out of thin air

After that, we headed to the "water park" and "oh my god,
how cute is that" rain coats.

At first, there was some sitting and splashing

But we soon moved on to standing and splashing

In charge of the water flow

Checking out how the boat floats

We don't have any pictures of this but Liam thought that
this little girl should share by giving Liam her toy. She
disagreed and hip-checked him back in to his place. Liam
took it very well.

We had a great time and a very tired boy at the end of it.