Sunday, May 31, 2009


A dog, 2 cats, and a frog?

No, just a happy boy

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sitting, Drooling and Reading

It seems like every day Liam's doing something new or better or different than he was, sometimes just since the day before. Here are some before and now shots:

Here he is sitting, but really leaning forward on his hands;
as you can see, that doesn't really help with the drooling.

A little off balance, but then - He's got it!

Now, he really knows what he's doing.
In fact, he's now reading (upside down, even. Such talent.)

And reaching!(that's Sophie the giraffe)

Uh Oh ...................................... Now he's realized it too

Thank goodness for pillows!

Not Liam's First Baseball Game

We're counting the Indians game at the end of June as his "real" first baseball game but we did go to watch the Buckeyes play at the new Huntington Park in Columbus and had a great time. Not a bad seat in the place! We sat at the picnic tables and Dan was always at the ready to catch any balls hit our way (none were).

Here's Dad and Liam before the game starts

Mom and Liam and the super-nachos (a must have)

And Liam getting the rules of the game explained to him

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Get in my belly!

Liam has really started to enjoy dinner time!

Here he's anxiously awaiting his meal (he might have had an appetizer)

Spoon in the mouth

Spoon in the eye
Gangster Lean
Every Last Bit
I think he just stores it all in his cheeks

Little Dribble

Getting Full

So sad it's all gone. Dessert = lick your face

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Swim

I'm ready to go swimming

Oh yes, I am....

Err, maybe I've changed my mind

No, seriously, I don't think I like this

All right, maybe this isn't too bad

Ok, I like it

Look I can swim!!

And splash (while sucking on my hand)

All Updates, All at Once

*****This is an old post but I couldn't figure out how to rotate the video.

The boy is asleep and if the last 2 nights are any indication, it may not be for that much longer :(
Although, we traveled far and wide this weekend, so that may have had something to do with it. Dan tried feeding him some rice cereal tonight and (of course) it was smooth sailing. Practically no need for a bib; when I've tried it we've had to change outfits. No complaints though - the boy is fed and I can update the site! Liam's been growing like a weed - up to 18lbs and 26.34 inches long! He's easily wearing 6-9 months and I've put him in some 12 month short outfits. Slightly big but he'll definitely be in them by the end of the summer. He's been building up his muscles by hanging out in the Jumparoo (see video) and got ready for a fun summer by having his first swim this weekend. Exciting times!

He's hanging out in the hotel, entertaining himself and us:

When his bib flips up, he shakes and waves his hands and feet

But as soon as it's back down all is right with the world

Here's the video (notice the rest period and then we're off again)...

It's still Easter season, right?

Well, a little behind but here's some pictures of Liam celebrating his first Easter. We loved being in New Washington and celebrating with the family.

Here he is playing on the couch, with his cousin:

Here he is with his timely "bunny bib"

And here he is looking quite ready for church: